How the ‘new Gmail’ rolled out in just 90 days!

You may have noticed the new Gmail that launched recently. The update touts letting users “do more without leaving your inbox.” It brings a new, fresher look while at the same time bringing over the best functionality (like snoozing and attachment previews) from Inbox, Google’s sister email product. Rolling changes out like these is no … Continue reading How the ‘new Gmail’ rolled out in just 90 days!

Dear Slack: Where’s vacation mode?

Dear Slack, It's 2018 and there is still no easy way to disable Slack notifications while on vacation. The workarounds are not adequate and it's been over 3 years since you first said that a vacation mode was in the works. What gives? WorkaroundsWe use Slack at my work and most people that I … Continue reading Dear Slack: Where’s vacation mode?

A great vision is informed by customers

  Vision. Every great product needs it. CEOs and product managers are expected to have it. But where does vision come from? A gut feeling Perhaps it's just intuition. That spidey-sense of knowing exactly what to build next. Steve Jobs was probably the master of intuition. He had a knack for turning out successful product, … Continue reading A great vision is informed by customers

Happy users can ‘dislike’ your product too

One of the things I think Google does a great job at is asking for feedback on their products. I came across a recent example of this when booking a flight through Google Flights, which went through an overhaul earlier this year. After searching for a flight and staying on the page for 10 seconds, … Continue reading Happy users can ‘dislike’ your product too