Dear Slack: Where’s vacation mode?

Dear Slack, It's 2018 and there is still no easy way to disable Slack notifications while on vacation. The workarounds are not adequate and it's been over 3 years since you first said that a vacation mode was in the works. What gives? WorkaroundsWe use Slack at my work and most people that I … Continue reading Dear Slack: Where’s vacation mode?

A great vision is informed by customers

  Vision. Every great product needs it. CEOs and product managers are expected to have it. But where does vision come from? A gut feeling Perhaps it's just intuition. That spidey-sense of knowing exactly what to build next. Steve Jobs was probably the master of intuition. He had a knack for turning out successful product, … Continue reading A great vision is informed by customers

Happy users can ‘dislike’ your product too

One of the things I think Google does a great job at is asking for feedback on their products. I came across a recent example of this when booking a flight through Google Flights, which went through an overhaul earlier this year. After searching for a flight and staying on the page for 10 seconds, … Continue reading Happy users can ‘dislike’ your product too