My Toolbelt

This is a list of my current tools of choice. This list is updated as my needs change and as products change and improve.


  • iPhone 6S Plus, 128 GB (mobile, no need for an iPad with the larger screen and also easier to type on)
  • MacBook Pro 2015, 15-inch, 8GB RAM, 500 GB (the workhorse, great for development, battery life not so great)


  • Fastmail (email)
  • Atom (text editor, kills your RAM though)
  • Evernote (personal note taking / documenting everything / planning)
  • Dropbox (cloud storage / syncing everything)
  • Wunderlist (todo lists / grocery lists / dumping ground for thoughts on the go)
  • PostHaven (personal blogging)
  • Pocket (saving articles to read later)
  • Buffer (social media publishing)
  • Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts (personal messaging)
  • HipChat (team chat)
  • JIRA (product management / issue tracking)
  • Confluence (team documentation)
  • Google Chrome (web browser)

    Last updated 5/8/16